About us

Dedicated to the world of hairdressing and barbershop since 1991.

The BEY ®️ specialist brand of PROFESSIONAL products for hair and beard was born from the South of Spain.

We know what we sell because we use it every day. Two cousins from Cádiz do their best in this world and want to make themselves known worldwide by creating a brand. Brand for people of today, young people and not so young who like to take care of themselves.

Our goal is to bring the best Professional Hair and Beard products to our customers.

We make an excellent choice of the most natural products.

Professional Cosmetics for Men of Hair and Beard care products. We have a range of products made and formulated with the most modern processes. We use as our principle "technology according to nature" , in fact all formulas are created with a combination of proven biotechnological active ingredients and essential ingredients of botanical and natural low impact origin, from all over the world ...