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The Bey accessories for the care of the man. Take care of your beard and hair with these most complete accessories of our brand. we have professional scissors, combs and the best knives. We constantly expand our catalog looking for the best selection of products.

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  • Brush Beard bristles wild boar

    12,99  (RRP)
    • Beard brush with wild boar bristles
    • Oval-shaped for better grip
    • Rigid wild boar bristles, perfect for daily brushing.
    • Perfect for detangling beard hair
    • Stimulates hair growth
    • Prevents itching and dandruff of the beard
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  • Classic double-edged razor

    19,99  (RRP)
    • Exclusive product The Bey
    • Non-slip handle size 10 centimeters
    • Made of stainless steel of the highest quality
    • Easy blade refill with 3-piece system
    • Razor compatible with standard double blades
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  • Double sandalwood comb

    12,99  (RRP)
    • Size: 9.8 x 5.8 cm.
    • Poly reddish-brown leather cover included
    • Excellent sandalo wood quality
    • Double-sided with two cell types
    • Quality product
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  • Folding comb made of sandalwood

    12,99  (RRP)
    • Exclusive product The Bey Original ®
    • Made of natural 100×100 green sandalwood
    • Made to last
    • Antistatic
    • Closed measures 10×3,5 cm – Open 8×3,5 cm
    • Includes black poly leather cover
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  • Professional Scissors Japanese Steel 440C

    99,90  (RRP)
    • Ergonomic professional scissors
    • Japanese steel 440 C stainless steel maximum quality
    • Size 6.5″
    • Wooden protective case with mop
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  • Shaving gel

    15,99  (RRP)
    • Natural shaving gel for profiling and shaving
    • With silk proteins
    • 0% silicones and 0% parabens
    • Pack 500 ml with touch dispenser
    • Restorative, antioxidant and antibacterial effect
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  • Straight razor

    12,99  (RRP)
    • Exclusive product The Bey ®
    • Made of high quality wood and stainless steel
    • Rechargeable with standard double blades
    • Straight, rounded-tipped blade
    • Choose between two types of blade: black and chrome
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