Classic double-edged razor

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  • Exclusive product The Bey
  • Non-slip handle size 10 centimeters
  • Made of stainless steel of the highest quality
  • Easy blade refill with 3-piece system
  • Razor compatible with standard double blades

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Classic double-edged razor made of stainless steel of the best quality. Fabulous classic design to give you better precision and control over shaving. Designed with a perfect angle to obtain a perfect and risk-free shave.

Our classic razor is compatible with all types and brands of standard double blades.

Our company always seeks the perfect balance, between quality and price to offer the best product. In addition to the best design, such as the non-slip handle, just the right weight to enjoy the best shave and with the best control. You will be able to reduce cuts and irritations using this classic double-edged razor. Just enjoy a smooth and precise shave thanks to its design with more weight on the head to facilitate shaving without pressure. You will be able to reach all areas and angles on your face with the greatest security.

To replace the blades has the classic three-piece thread system, the safest, easiest and fastest way. BLADE NOT INCLUDED

Razor Measurements:

-Head 4×2.5 cm

-Mango 10 cm

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