Shaving soap

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  • The Bey shaving soap 100 ml
  • Natural ingredients
  • With almond oil
  • Moisturizes the skin and relieves redness
  • With protective layer that facilitates the sliding of the blade
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The Bey shaving soap. Specially designed to ensure a perfect shave, its extra creamy texture creates a full, full-bodied foam that protects the skin from irritation. Its formulation, with ingredients of natural origin, is enriched with almond oil that moisturizes the skin and relieves redness, softening the beard. It creates a protective layer that facilitates the gliding of the blade, for a flawless and comfortable shave.

How to use: moisten the brush with warm water, pass it over the cream with circular movements until foaming. Spread it over the beard and proceed to shaving. To get a thicker lather, keep beating the cream in a shaving bowl. Alternatively, for a faster shave, take a small amount of the product and massage directly onto the wet face in circular motions until the foam is activated.

The Bey shaving soap

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