Comb your hair with Clay Barber Clay

Comb your hair with Clay Barber Clay

Comb your hair with Clay Barber Clay. Today’s man takes his appearance very seriously. And it has been understood that the aspect goes beyond superficiality; it is a matter of projecting security and expressing personality. A fundamental part of the aesthetics of many men is the hair and, in addition, it is an aspect that is not always easy to treat. To facilitate and favor the care of the appearance of the hair, having a product on hand is ideal; but not just any, but one that really works. Platinum Modeling Clay MATTE or barber mud is the right combing clay for all hair types and for any hair style you want.

Why is Platinum Modeling Clay MATTE recommended?

This product is recommended mainly for the professional level quality it offers, giving the opportunity to those who use it to have an excellent hairstyle day by day from the comfort of their home.

The most remarkable aspect of this modeling cream for combing is the possibility of retouching or even changing the hairstyle at any time, because it keeps the hair flexible and always moldable; no hardened hair all day long. But, in addition, the hair will not have a wet or greasy appearance, because it has a matte finish.

This molding clay can be used on any type of hair, as it will accentuate its best characteristics. This means that even in curly or wavy hair, this molding clay will accentuate their shapes to make them look. In addition, it is possible to use the product to make any type of hairstyle you want, from the most elegant or sober, to the most risky or fun.

The versatility of this product is excellent. While it was designed for hair, it can also be used to improve shape or mold the mustache. Likewise, Platinum Modeling Clay MATTE is designed to improve the appearance of the hair and facilitate styling, but also includes a fragrance that will complement the look.

Properties of Platinum Modeling Clay MATTE or Barro Barbero

Platinum Modeling Clay MATTE is made from natural clay of the best quality, from volcanic ash or benonite; this particular ingredient has a large number of applications, but in the cosmetic industry it is used as a stabilizer. Stability is just what you want from a molding cream for hairstyles.

In addition, the clay used as the base of this product favors the hydration of the scalp and repairs hair imperfections; this allows to improve the health and appearance of the hair in the short and medium term.

The matte finish that this product has favors that the hair looks much more abundant and thick, which many will appreciate.

Application of Platinum Modeling Clay MATTE or Barro Barbero

This molding cream can be used every day, as it will not have a negative effect on the hair; on the contrary, it favors the health of the hair, which makes it an ideal product for constant hair care.

This product can be applied to dry or slightly damp clean hair as preferred, but it is not recommended that it be very wet. You start by taking a small amount of the product in your hands and rubbing, to warm up the product a little and activate all its benefits. It can then be applied to the hair, molding it in the desired way with the fingers. It is important to make use of the right amount of cream and apply a uniform film on all the hair.

You can let the product dry naturally or make use of the hair dryer to accentuate the matte and voluminous effect of it.

Comb your hair with Clay Barber Clay

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