Therapeutic shaving with Medicinal Shave

Therapeutic shaving with Medicinal Shave

Therapeutic shaving with Medicinal Shave. Part of what masculinity implies is the beard. Whether you let it grow or prefer to keep your face shaved, it is necessary to give certain care to the face; in such a way as to avoid discomfort such as itching or irritation. This involves care, habits and, of course, certain products that help maintain comfort.

To avoid itching and irritation, you have to know what causes them. The constant shaving can be very aggressive for the face, the blade can cause irregular cuts in the hair that subsequently grows and produces discomfort. Also dryness is an important issue in the beard area, which suffers from the constant use of the shaver.

Whether a complete shave or a partial shave is performed to maintain the shape of the beard, certain care will be necessary. Among the most important care, the cream for shaving and the cream for after shaving or “after shave” stand out. These products help to soften the hair of the beard, refresh the face and keep it with proper hydration.

To facilitate the habit during shaving, it is ideal to be able to have a single product for both functions, so the use of Medicinal Shave is highly recommended.

Characteristics of Medicinal Shave

Medicinal Shave is a product specially designed to help shave the face of sensitive skin, which are the most affected by the constant use of the razor, which can cause serious discomfort and conditions in the skin of the face.

Thanks to the advanced design of “Medicinal Shave” it is possible to apply the product to perform shaving efficiently and also use it after shaving, as “after shave”. This is possible since the composition of the product allows to soften the hair of the face, regardless of its texture or thickness, and also moisturize the area.

This product is designed so that those people who need delicate care on the face can obtain it day by day from the comfort of home, but with the professional quality it requires.

It is possible to find this product in a presentation of 500ml.

Benefits of Medicinal Shave

What makes this product truly recommended for the care of male aesthetics are the benefits that can be obtained with its use. Mainly, Medicinal Shave is convenient because it fulfills a double function; it’s just an investment, just a product, but double profit.

Among the most beneficial ingredients of Medicinal Shave, menthol and eucalyptus stand out. Menthol is a dilator of blood vessels and causes a feeling of cold, which acts as an immediate analgesic that eliminates the chances of discomfort during and after shaving; thanks to the fact that it is not an aggressive product it is suitable for treating sensitive skin.

While eucalyptus has an astringent effect that allows to eliminate impurities and pimples on the skin of the face, it also decreases with constant use allows the elimination of spots on the skin and facilitates the unification of the tone of complexion of the face. As a complement, eucalyptus has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which protects the skin from a large number of possible conditions caused by constant shaving.

In short, regular use of Medicinal Shave can really prevent stinging, irritation and itching on the face brought on by the shaver; even in those most delicate skins. In addition, it is possible to get many other benefits. This makes Medicinal Shave a mandatory product for the proper care of male aesthetics; since it not only helps shaving, but also favors the health of the skin.

Therapeutic shaving with Medicinal Shave

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