How to care for the beard?

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How to care for the beard? In times past, few men grew beards; because there was the idea that a shaving beard was more hygienic and elegant. For many, the beard was not very well seen. This is a conception that has been changing over time, since it is really possible to maintain hygiene and an elegant look with the beard. However, for it to be so, it is not as simple as letting it grow; it requires special care and attention.

So, if you have a barbar or are considering letting it grow, you can not leave aside the basic recommendations that we will mention:

  1. Beard cleansing

The hygiene of the beard is the fundamental, remember that the beard is around the mouth, so it is a potential focus of bacteria. To wash it, it is best to apply a special beard shampoo daily. You can select the one that is preferred by fragrance or brand.

Once it has been washed it is very important to be careful to dry it properly. It is advisable to dry the beard with a dry towel until it is free of moisture. You can also use hair drying, but at an average temperature; never at high temperature. It is very important to take care that the beard is completely dry.

  1. Hydration

Hydration is what makes the beard look healthy and with the appropriate shape. But hydration is not only for the hair of the beard, but it should also be for the skin of the face that is under the beard; because this way itching can be avoided.

To moisturize the beard, it is recommended to apply conditioner every other day after cleansing. It will also be necessary to use essential oils daily; taking care to spread the oil throughout the beard and on the skin under the hair. This routine should be established every night in an ideal way.

  1. Hairstyle

Another care that should be done daily is the combing of the beard. It can be done at any time you want, but it is important to comb it every day. This will prevent drooping hairs from accumulating; in addition, it keeps it in good shape and free of entanglements.

As for the way to comb, there is nothing written about rock, but there are some recommendations that can be useful. If the beard is long and a little rebellious, it is advisable to have two combs on hand, one with wide teeth for detangling and one with thin teeth and together; it is preferable that it is not plastic. Combing should be done from top to bottom, from the ends to the center. A special wax can be used for styling, this will make it much easier.

  1. Care of the form

Remember that the beard will be constantly growing. So to make them look neat and look better it is necessary to shape it and keep it trimming it about twice a week.

The first thing is to know the way you want. For this, the shape of the face can be taken into account; some recommend the following:

  • Oval and round faces: circular beard surrounding the lips or beards separated from the mustache.
  • Square faces: beard covering up to the sideburn or balbo beard (without a lid, with a mustache trimmed so that it does not join; does not cover the cheekbones)
  • Rectangular faces: beards that completely cover the cheekbones.
  • Diamond faces: avoid abundant beards on the cheekbones and favor the chin. You can also use a profiled beard that does not accumulate hairs on the cheekbones.

Once you have the desired shape, it is necessary to take care of it by trimming it during the week.

How to care for the beard?

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