The beard and its complications

Shaved neck beard

The beard and its complications. The beard is one of the traditional symbols of masculinity, whether you like it or not. And it is part of man, populated or scarce, long or shaved; it’s something that all men in one way or another have to deal with. However, taking care of the beard does not have to be a martyrdom; with just a little information and certain considerations it will be possible to reduce the discomfort that this can cause or even show off a healthy beard, if that is what you want.

Itching on the face is one of the most common discomforts suffered by men, whether or not they leave their beards. The reason why this itching occurs on the face in those men who choose to shave the beard is that the shaving action produces in the hairs certain angles that puncture the first layer of the skin. So it is usual that when the hairs begin to grow there is that unpleasant itching sensation.

Meanwhile, those men who have chosen to grow their beards, may also experience a lot of itching; but this is due to different reasons. And it is that having a beard can generate poor hydration in the skin, accumulation of dead skin, accumulation of fallen hairs, among other circumstances. These conditions or any of them produce the uncomfortable itching on the face.

So, with or without a beard, this itchy sensation will most likely be experienced often. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever. There are some very effective tips that can be applied to avoid this uncomfortable feeling.

How to avoid itchy beard?

For those who prefer to keep the beard shaved, we have some tips that will certainly help them prevent itchy face:

  • It is necessary to make use of a leaf in good condition. So changing the shaver frequently is ideal.
  • Do not put too much pressure during shaving. The skin of the face is delicate and if too much pressure is applied irritation will occur.
  • Avoid dry shaving. The use of shaving creams is recommended. This product moisturizes and softens beard hairs, allowing for a much more efficient shave.
  • Do not repeat the passes many times during shaving.
  • Once the shaving is finished, apply moisturizing gel or lotion. Moisture in the skin is essential to forget about itching.
  • If you have oily skin, it is advisable to use oil-free products.

For those who have decided to grow a beard, it is essential to take on the challenge of the beard. The essential thing to maintain a healthy beard is hygiene and care; this will prevent you from suffering from itching and other discomfort associated with the growth of facial hair. The tips that should never be left aside are the following:

  • The beard should be washed every day. The use of special shampoo for facial hair is recommended. It is not appropriate to make use of the same shampoo that is used for hair hygiene.
  • After washing, it is ideal to apply a beard conditioner, which should be rinsed with warm water and remove all the product. This will soften the hairs.
  • Drying the beard should ideally be done with a dry towel. You can also use the hair dryer, but with a medium temperature; never very high.
  • Moisturize the entire beard area with balm or moisturizing oil, paying special attention to the product reaching the skin.

Whether or not you leave your beard, taking care of this area of the face will significantly improve your appearance; but above all, your comfort. So don’t leave it out.

The beard and its complications

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