Skin Care according to your age

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Skin care according to your age. The passage of time is inevitable and has a direct effect on everyone. Over the years, maturity comes, the most positive for human development; but it is also true that time can wreak havoc on our appearance.

The skin is one of the parts of the body that is most affected by time. But it’s not just time, but what we naturally face through it: pollution, stress, and the sun’s rays. But also other factors that are our responsibility affect it: tobacco, poor diet, unhealthy habits and more.

Currently, man is much more aware that his skin needs care, because despite what is very resistant, time and other factors end up causing negative impacts on it. Thus, more and more men are looking for products that help them face the passage of time and take care of their skin.

To give the skin the precise care it requires, several factors must be taken into account; but the most important of all is, of course, age. Depending on the stage of life, the skin has certain characteristics and has specific needs.

Between the ages of 25 and 35

Fat is the main problem in the skin at this age. This factor is not just a problem in adolescence; in the case of men, it is something that is maintained during adulthood and that must be controlled.

To combat oily skin, the main thing is proper hygiene. It is recommended to establish a daily cleansing routine that allows to control the oil of the skin and clean the pores; especially in the critical areas of the face: forehead, nose and chin (T-zone). For this, it is advisable to use neutral soaps and purifying tonics daily; it is also pertinent to use an exfoliant on the face at least once a week, ideally twice in this period.

If the skin is dehydrated, in addition to being oily; you should make use of oil-free products and, also, include the use of a moisturizer for the face.

Something important is to establish the habit of shaving after the shower, for those who remain without a beard; while those who let it grow correspond to apply the corresponding care. We recommend our product Medicinal Shave, applies to your skin and makes it easier for you to shave.

Between the ages of 36 and 50

At this stage of life, the expression lines begin to accentuate and the dreaded wrinkles appear. In the case of men, wrinkles of this age are concentrated in the eyes and the outer edges of the mouth. It is also possible that some spots begin to appear on the face.

To combat these signs of the years, what is mainly recommended is the use of blinder creams, which are special to decrease dark circles and bags under the eyes. An extra tip in the use of this product is to apply it cold, it will have a much more effective effect.

It will also be necessary to use moisturizers, preferably containing antioxidants. Of course, do not forget the application of a good sunscreen.

After the age of 50

In this period of life, it is essential to be disciplined in skin care habits to keep it healthy. That is why you can not neglect the use of sunscreen, but you should include in the routine the application of moisturizers and creams containing antioxidants.

It will also help the skin a lot, in any period, especially at this age, the adoption of good eating habits and avoid factors such as: tobacco, stress and excess alcohol.

Skin Care according to your age

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