The barbershop: a wellness space

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The barbershop: a wellness space. Barbershops originated more than 3500 years ago when sharp stones were used to trim the beard and hair of men of the time. The evaluation of this space took place little by little over the years, not without some missteps; but it was not until 1920 when in Chicago the guild of barbers was created and what can be considered as the golden age of barbershops began, first half of the twentieth century.

These places became a kind of refuge for men. A place where they not only cut their hair and groomed their beards; but also a place to devote quality time. In modernity, this is the vision of barbershops; a space where modern man gives himself permission to devote time to himself, in the midst of the complex dynamics of today’s life.

Services in the barbershop

Barbershops have become a kind of refuge for many. And it is that at present, barbershops offer a variety of services for the well-being and aesthetics of men; from the most basic to the most elaborate. Among the most beneficial services and that we can not fail to take advantage of we find the following:

Aesthetics of the beard

It is the most traditional service and the one that gives the name to this place. Shaving, trimming and combing the beard are indispensable in barbershops; but there is much more to it than this. At present, much more can be done, such as: beard dyeing, hydration, among others.

Part of this service, it is traditional as a customer experience the wet towel on the face. While it is a time of relaxation, it is also very useful for preparing the skin for cutting or shaving. In this way, irritations, redness or discomfort can be avoided by the style.

An important part of the care of the aesthetics of the beard offered by barbershops are the recommendations about what type of oils the client can use depending on the type of type of beard he has; as well as which after shave may be the most suitable.

Hair treatment

Hair treatments are to improve hair health. Some of the basic services in this regard are: washing, cutting, hydration and nutrition. These treatments can be very helpful in reducing the dreaded hair loss.

It is also possible to find in barbershops some additional services for hair, such as: dyeing, anti-frizz treatment, straightening treatments, hair repair treatments, among others.

Facial treatment

The face is the letter of introduction. While this is not an activity that has been traditionally done, many barbershops are considering facials; and it could not be left out of the services offered by the barbershop in terms of male aesthetics.

Some of the treatments that can be found in barbershops that are at the forefront are: hydration, exfoliation, cleansing, peeling with activated charcoal, anti-wrinkle treatments, among others.

Manicure and pedicure

The time when manicure and pedicure was only for the female sex is over. Now men can also enjoy this treatment for hands and feet, which is often not only a matter of aesthetics but of well-being and comfort.

This service, which is becoming more and more common for men, includes: cleaning, cutting and filing nails, maintenance of cuticles and moisturizing treatments to improve the texture of the skin on hands and feet.

The barbershop: a wellness space

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