Beard care oil

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Beard care oil

Growing a beard involves much more than stopping shaving it. To show off a healthy and elegant beard, it is completely necessary to assume its care and maintenance. Without this, the beard will not look quite good and can even cause discomfort in the skin of the face. To avoid this, it is extremely important to create hygiene and care habits, such as: washing the beard, combing it, drying it well, using oils, among others.

None of the mentioned care is optional if you want to have an ideal beard. However, you may not be so used to using oils, so it is important to pay special attention at this particular point.

What is the oil on the beard for?

A transcendental factor to enjoy the beard is hydration. And it is that a dry beard is the worst thing that can happen. This condition favors itching, prevents having a manageable beard, makes hairs look dull and generally harms facial hair.

So, having proper hydration is not optional, but mandatory. So, how to have adequate hydration in the beard? The use of oil is the correct answer to this question. This product will not only moisturize the hairs of the beard, but to improve the health of the skin under it.

Thanks to the oils, the already grown beard will look shiny and be manageable, but it also ensures the growth of hair in a healthy way, as well as avoiding the discomfort that easy hair could cause if not properly cared for.

What oils are there for the beard?

At present, the market for beard care products has expanded a lot. One of the products with the greatest expansion is the oil specially made for the care of the beard.

There are at least three types of oils available today: 100% natural, mixed and completely artificial. The decision of which of these oils to apply, will depend entirely on the particular characteristics of each beard; however, the usual recommendation is to try to make use of an oil that is 100% natural and in this way avoid applying chemicals to facial hair.

Usually, oils are composed of two oils, one that is the base and the other that is the essential oil; it may also be that in its composition it has several types of essential oils.

As a base oil, the following are usually used: castor, jojoba, coconut and argan. Each of these types of oils have their particular properties; for example, castor oil is highly favorable for growing hair, in addition to the hydration it brings to the area.

In turn, essential oils are oils of very high purity that provide pleasant aromas; but that, in addition, have antiseptic, antioxidant, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Beard oil with argan and jojoba

How much oil should be used on the beard?

The first thing to consider when calculating the appropriate amount of oil is the length of the beard; but also how dense you have and the type of hair. Thus, those beards that are long, very populated and curly will require a complete dropper every day. As soon as the length decreases, the amount and the hair is more delicate, the fewer oils will require.

How is the oil applied to the beard?

The oil can be applied to the palm of the hand and spread throughout the hand, including the fingers. Next, it should be applied to the beard in a descending way, from the end to the center. It is important to take care to cover the entire beard evenly.

Beard care oil

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